Community Caring Ministry

It is our long term vision that every family has a member with first aid training.
Occupational First Aid Emergency First Aid Standard First Aid Emergency Child Care
8 or 16 hours 8 hours 16 hours 8 hours
Basic Work Safety The EMS System All Contents of Emergency First Aid All Contents of Emergency First Aid
8 hours – Emergency First Aid “Check, Call, Care” Head and Spine Injuries All Contents of Standard First Aid*
16 hours – Standard First Aid Airway Emergencies Bone, Muscle, Joint Injuries Caring for Children
Breathing & Circulation Emergencies Sudden Medical Emergencies
Respiratory and Cardiac Arrest & Wound Care Environmental Emergencies
CPR & AED Poisons
Chinese Christian Missions (CCM) is now the first official organization in the country that will be offering Canadian Red Cross first aid instruction in Chinese languages.
Chinese Christian Mission (CCM) Canada and Canadian Red Cross signed a memorandum of understanding on May 6th, 2017 that will bring Red Cross first aid training to more people.


职业急救 基本急救 标准急救 紧急儿童保育
8 或 16 小时 8 小时 16 小时 8 小时
基本工作安全 准备应对 休克及严重出血 基本急救的所有内容
8 小时 = 紧急急救 紧急医疗服务体系 烧伤及烫伤 标准急救的所有内容
16 小时 = 标准急救 急救的程序 基本急救的所有内容 其他内容包括照顾儿童法例的特定要求
气道急症 头部, 颈和嵴柱受伤
呼吸及血液循环急症 骨骼,关节及肌肉受伤
呼吸及心脏骤停之急救 突发紧急医疗情况
身体各部位受伤的处理 环境造成之伤害
自动体外心脏去颤器(AED) 中毒