About us

CCM Community Care Ministry aims to strengthen our community through courses and programs. In response to the needs to be prepared for employment, first aid training and safety education, we offer FoodSafe class, as well as, Canadian Red Cross First Aid classes. Special programs and events are also created to respond to the needs of current events. We hope to work with our community to build a stronger caring community.
中信中心社區關懷事工旨在通過課程和活動來建立我們的社區。 為了回應就業,急救培訓和安全教育方面的需求,我們提供了食品安全課程及加拿大紅十字會急救課程。 為回應社區需要,創建特別活動和計劃。我們目標是創建適時的行動和計劃,與大眾建立更加互助關愛的社區。